Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Tips on How to Prepare Final

Things to Look For:

Prepare Yourself.
The first thing that must be done is the preparation of your own self. Intend to God that you want to write a thesis. Prepare everything well. Do it with full sincerity and there must be a willingness to face the challenges / obstacles as heavy as any.

Prayer Request Restu.
I believe that the blessings of parents is second to none. If you live with parents, ask your understanding to them and other family members that for some time to come you will concentrate to write a thesis. If you live in a boarding house, ask for understanding with other friends. Do not forget also to make commitments with a boyfriend. Fighting with a girlfriend (although trivial) can drop the spirit to complete the thesis.

Create a Time Table.
This is important for writing thesis are not too time-consuming. Create a planning is clear about when you are looking for a reference, when you should get the title, when you do counseling / consultation, as well as a target date when the thesis must be truly finished.

Empower the Internet.
Internet is making us more productive. Take advantage of to find references quickly and accurately to support your thesis. Actual materials can be found through Google Scholar or through commercial providers such as EBSCO or ProQuest.

Be Proactive.
Supervisor was "on duty" to guide you. However, you can not always hang everything on the supervisor. Always act proactively. Starting from the search for a topic, collecting materials, "chase" for guidance, and so on.

Be Flexible.
Thesis have this level of "uncertainty" high. It could be your thesis already half way but the supervisor asks you to change the subject. Not infrequently your professor abruptly canceled an appointment for counseling at the time that has been agreed previously. Sometimes you feel that the conclusions / Your research is correct, but your professor feels otherwise. So, stay flexible and do not feel hurt by the things that did this.

Better not use the services of "third party" that will help make the thesis for you or help in data processing. Thesis is the fruit of your own hands. If the way you really do not know or face great difficulties, to say it to your supervisor. If delivered with sincerity, surely he would be happy to assist you.

Prepare Money.
Thesis obviously spent a pretty good (assuming there are no sponsorships). Starting from internet access, printing costs, postage questionnaire, the cost to buy a souvenir for the study respondents, the cost of transportation to the respondents, and so forth. Do not get stuck just because the writing of running out of funds. Ironic is not it?
Preparation stages

If you're lucky,
supervisor could have been a topic and offers to your thesis title. Typically, in this case the supervisor is involved in research projects and you will be "pulled" into it. If you have this, thesis writing much easier and (guaranteed) smoothly because everything will be assisted and prepared by the supervisor.

Most students do not have such luck. The majority of students, as written before, must be proactive from the outset. Thus, the preparation from the outset is something that is absolutely necessary.

thesis prepared one or two semesters before the scheduled time. One semester may be made to find a reference, collect material, selecting topics and alternative topics, to formulate proposals and conduct informal guidance.

In searching for references / reference materials, select the journal / paper containing elements of contemporary and issued by an accredited journal. Top journals in foreign languages can also be an option. If you are replicating the journal / paper for class, then certainly your thesis will be of sufficient quality.

The element of novelty is also worth noting.
First, new topics are preferred and more interesting, even for lecturers / examiners. If you are replicating the old topics, testers usually already "memorized in his head" so it will be very easy to drop your thesis on the exam later.

Second, the journal / paper, published in the last 10 years, usually referring to the references which appeared 5-10 years earlier. Believe that the search and search references that appeared in ten-twenty years a lot easier than tracking the many references 1970-1980.

One of the important preparation stage is proposal writing. Of course, the proposal does not always have to be written in a "default". Could have written an outline (pointer) only to be revised later. This proposal would be your guidance during the writing of thesis for the future is not too off track. The proposal also could be a tool to be used when you submit a topic / title to your supervisor. A good proposal can be a good indicator that you are a serious student and really committed to finishing thesis well.

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