Thursday, September 16, 2010

At Age 16, Adolescents Be Careful in Choosing Career Option - Tips For New Age Youths and Parents

Good at study but confused :

* A student may be good at studying, but if he does not make right decisions in his academic career, he may fail miserably in achieving his career goal. Successful people are smart decision makers in choosing right course and career during their adolescent or early youth age.
* Many good scholars, who perform exceptionally during their early academic career, fail miserably in choosing the right career goal at crucial phase of life. Quite often good students are used to be emotional and confused in choosing right career, as they are good in many subjects and aspects they cannot decide what should they select as a career option. Quite often get trapped within dilemma of right or wrong. They do not get the proper understanding to focus their efforts, energies and time in right direction.
* The major faults committed by a good student that he creates a false sense of ego regarding his grades, achievements, knowledge and expertise. During adolescent age he becomes monomania and overconfident, starts disobeying parents and seniors. Good students used to be over confident of their personality, possessions and past achievements. Quite often their mind flooded with uncontrolled emotions and imaginations about their future. A student suffers a lot, out of fashions and fantasies during the youth age. Quite often short term amusements and fun stands as an obstacles in realizing long term career goal.

How to take right decision:

Instead of dividing the physical and psychological energies in multiple purposes, the youth should be focus and determined to complete one task at a time. One should fix up the goal on a priority basis for completion of task one by one. Because with competition the tests are getting tougher and to qualify, one needs to be a specialist. Otherwise even if one qualifies in the multiple tests, but may suffer miserably in term of ranking. One should take interest in wide range of subjects as subjects are getting interconnected and interrelated, still one need to be focused in one career option and preparation. But at the same time one should not be too much choosy in choosing one's career option. Quite often student does not have knowledge and idea about the alternatives career options, which can help one in realizing one's dream. A good student should be flexible and easy, should not be too much serious and sentimental to create complexities in mind with so many career options.

Listening to parents and well wishers and honoring their guidance is essential to save oneself from faults, failures and frustrations.

* Due to lack of experience and exposure, an adolescent is succumbed to bullets of evil, commits serious mistakes and as a result spoils whole career plan . His nascent and immature calculations and assumptions regarding the future career defeats his purposes. Faith on the words and directions of parent and seniors can give a lot of peace and stability of mind to focus on the academic and training activities accurately. During the adolescent or early period of youth age, one commits enormous mistakes out of negligence, which stands as an obstacle in choosing the right career option. One should be careful about one's character and act, during this period. Quite often one used to be misguided by movies, internet, friends, and vicious novels. Some of them get addicted and extravagant out of fun or frustration.
* During adolescent age or early youth age, if one does not control or put brakes to one's uncontrolled lifestyle, it may be impossible to correct themselves afterward, because with the time nature and habits become firmer and stronger. During this age, boys and girls used to be enthusiastic, adventurous, optimists and inspired at the same time impatient and excited. One needs proper guidance to save oneself and to develop enough self restraint to maintain routine and disciplined life .
* Parents should be empathetic, benevolent and sensible to understand the age, the chemical changes that happens with adolescent age.
* This is the age when a child progresses towards maturity through a series of physical and psychological developments and changes. So instead of getting reactive, creating pressure and compulsion, parent should understand and act like a companion, mentor or guide to correct their children .
* Their frustration out of failures open up flood gates for addiction, demoralization and derailment in their life. So to protect and to empower them, society as a whole should be empathetic, sensitive, jealous free, forgiving and coperative.
* Parents and seniors should be careful about their own activities, hobbies and habits. Because teenagers follow how you act, not what you say.

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