Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interregionalism and International Relation

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Heiner Hänggi, Ralf Roloff, Jürgen Rüland
Routledge, 2006 - 364pages

Over the last two decades, globalization and regionalization have led to the emergence of an increasingly differentiated multi-level system of global governance. One characteristic of this system is the growing level of interaction among regional organization and these interregional relations constitute a novelty in international relations, one that varies greatly in form, in function and in level of institutionalization. Interregionalism and International Relationsis the first attempt to summarize the state of the art in this rich new field of international relations research. It provides a comprehensive, theory-guided introduction into the numerous facets of this new phenomenon. Following a theoretical explanation and a typology of interregional relations, subsequent parts of the book examine key contacts between major world regions such as Asia and American, Asia and Europe, America and Europe, and Africa and Europe. This book also presents comparative analysis and borderline cases thattranscend the standard manifestations of interregionalism. With high-level contributors noted for their expertise in international relations and their expertise in interregion relations, this volume will appeal to political science scholars, diplomats and those with an interest in global and regional diplomacy.

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