Friday, September 17, 2010

Secrets to Online Job Success

There are hundreds of sites where you can post your resume online and complete an online job application. Some sites let you upload an existing resume with the click of a button. On other sites you can cut and paste or use a resume building wizard. There are also resume posting services that will post your resume to the top sites for you. Once you have uploaded your resume, you will be able to search for jobs that interest you and submit your application or resume with a click of your mouse.

If you are interested in working for a company visit the website. Career information is usually listed in the "About Us" section of the site. Follow the instructions for searching for and applying to jobs online.

Sending your resume through e-mail or filling an application form online is not a difficult task as most applicant thought. Even if you don't know how to do it, you can always have someone at the net center to do it for you for a token or even free. Your ability to surf the net gives you an upper hand or an edge over those applicants who could not.
A lot of big companies today do not take hard copies of Curriculum vitae or résumé again. They have resulted to asking applicants to fill their online application forms or send their Curriculum vitae as an attachment to their e-mail addresses. This online application has delivered them from the high hip of curriculum vitae they receive in their offices anytime they place advert for vacant positions.

To make a success of online application you must take note of the following:
o Have a good knowledge of the computer. You must know how to use the microsoft office packages and be able to type very well.
o You must be able to surf the internet. Have a good knowledge of the internet .You must be able to browse and source for relevant job information.
o You must have a functional e-mail address and phone number.
o You must get yourself a diskette or flash drive to store your résumé. You need to have a soft copy of your Curriculum vitae because most companies are no longer receiving hard copies of Curriculum vitae.
o Don't forget to also have your passport photograph scanned on your flash drive or diskette .Some job requires that you send a soft copy of your passport photograph.
o Remember that your curriculum vitae or Photograph should be sent as an attachment through the e-mail address given to you.
o When applying online ensure that you follow all instruction to the letter. Fill in the required and compulsory information.
o Some companies online application form requires you to fill in your National Youth service Corps certificate number .So don't forget to have it always with you.
o Should you forget the web address of a company, you can get it through the search engines e.g., etc.

o Finally, to apply online you need to go to the website of the company of your choice. On the home page, you will see several links, click on the
Career/vacancy/recruiting link. You will have information on whether there is vacancy or not. If there is vacancy you will be given adequate information on how to go about it.

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