Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Virus World unsettling

Computer and Internet security firm, NetWitness states that there is a new type of computer virus that is currently emerging and troubling world. The virus is called 'kneber botnet' is able to collect passwords to access online financial, social networking sites and email systems from computer bervirus and report information that gets to the hacker.

According to Chief Executive Officer of NetWitness Amit Yoran, there are about 75,000 computers belonging to 2500 organizations in the world that has been infected with botnets.

This virus was found in January 2010 and considered very dangerous because the conventional way of protection against viruses is not enough to counteract the botnet to work on computers that are healthy.

The race by hackers to create viruses latest computer apparently still continues and has claimed casualties is not small. I do not know how many companies or organizations who burglarized because of them and seemed to "war" is not showing signs of ending.

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