Thursday, September 16, 2010

7 Secrets to Convert Motherhood into a New Successful Career

Have you been a professional mother (it is a true
profession, whether acknowledged or not) but now you find
your mothering skills are in less demand? Are the fruits of
your efforts, your children, growing up? You will always be
their mother, but as they enter high school or college they
will spend much less time with you.

Do you feel less of a person, or even somewhat lost,
because you are no longer a full time mother? Does the
thought of doing something else appear to be
overwhelming? Do you wonder how you will find another
profession to partially replace motherhood and give you the
personal rewards you received from being a mother?

Welcome to the beginning of your new and rewarding life.
Here are 7 secrets to converting the vast knowledge and
skills you gained while being a mother into starting your next
successful career.

Secret # 1 You are a very valuable resource.

You have already accumulated considerable knowledge
and skills during the years of being a professional mother.
You have been a teacher, leader, organizer, conflict
mediator, financial consultant, personal mentor, personal
inspiration, activity counselor, transportation expert, event
coordinator, homemaker, health consultant, cook,
professional buyer, cleaning consultant, spiritual consultant,
fashion consultant, food consultant, wife, psychologist,
confidant, activity supporter and fan, and the list goes on too
long to continue in this short space. Wow! Sounds extremely
impressive when you really look at it. In truth, it is. The
considerable experience you have in so many areas
provides you with the ability to perform quite well in an
untold number of other professions. You have much more to
offer than you can see from your perspective.

Secret # 2 It is time to focus on you first

Your number one focus as a mother has been on your
children. Not you. You spent considerable time and effort to
assure the growth, success, health, happiness, and safety
of you children. That was wonderful. You now have the time
and energy to focus first on you. This sounds like a simple
step, but it is a very big one. You naturally put yourself aside
for your children, and it felt good. You will not be abandoning
your children. In fact, most children love to see their parents
develop new and successful lives. Permit yourself the right,
without guilt or hesitation to enjoy focusing on you.

Secret # 3 Discover what you really want to do next and why

You will want to look into yourself and discover what your
true passions, desires, talents and beliefs are. You
probably know more about your children's and your
husband's passions, desires, priorities, and talents than
you do your own. Your passions and desires were probably
wrapped up in your children and husband. You will
undoubtedly now have new ones. But what are they? It is
time to find a way to become the worlds leading expert on
you. You are now entitled to explore and discover yourself.

Secret #4 Convert your clarity about yourself into a career
that suits you.

As a mother, you became a jack-of-all-trades and a master
of some. This presents you with the opportunity to become
overwhelmed. You have too many choices. However, after
you become the worlds leading expert on you, you can
easily develop or define a new career that will allow you to
fulfill your true wants, needs and passions. Your new career
will give you the satisfaction and rewards you want while
allowing you to do what you love. The clearer your
understanding and definition of your desired new career, the
better. You eliminate the fear of the unknown, and you
greatly increase the chances of your successful entrance
into your chosen new career.

Secret # 5 You do not have to abandon motherhood to enjoy
your new career.

You will undoubtedly want to carry on your position as a
mother, but in a reduced manner. You will be able to create
a new career around your desire to continue raising your
children. It does not have to be an all or nothing change. You
may want to progressively shift into your new career as you
steadily move out of full time mothering, until your last child
has gone onto a more independent life.

Secret #6 Get help from the right people.

Your journey from full time motherhood to your new career is
almost impossible to accomplish and much too important
to attempt without help from someone. It is certainly not a
self-help program. Making this journey alone will be very
difficult and not much fun. Seek help from someone you
trust who has your best interests at heart and who will
provide you the objective non-critical mirror to see yourself
and what you really want. Just like we must look into a
mirror to see our faces because of where our eyes are
located, we must have another person act as our outside
mirror to see our inner selves. The fresh perspective others
will provide you of your talents, passions and abilities will be
exhilarating and very valuable. Creating a journey team will
assist you to achieve your goals faster, with fewer errors
and in a more enjoyable manner.

Secret #7 Pursue the new career you defined for yourself

Now that you know what you want to do and why, you will
want to pursue your new career in the manner that best
suits you. Many mothers feel that they must go back to
school and get a degree or some kind of training to get a
job. This is rarely necessary. You will be amazed at how
little training you will really need, because of your extensive
experience in mothering. You will also be amazed at how
attractive you will be to many employers. Here are just some
of the reasons employers would consider you to be very

1. You are a very mature person (stability)

2. You have considerable experience in many facets of work

3. You will require much less management by others

4. You will be enthusiastic about your chosen career and
you will be very focused to succeed (dedicated)

5. You will be able to step in right away and be very
productive (productivity)

6. You will know what you can do and will be trainable to
increase your skills (increasingly productive)

7. You will have progressively less need to deal with
mothering issues as your children continue to become
more independent (fewer distractions)

8. You are not likely to become pregnant (reliability)

9. Your employer will be very pleased and impressed that
you chose him/her to begin your ideal career (honor)

This is a very important journey, and you want to do it right.
Your successful handling of the very difficult and
multifaceted motherhood profession qualifies you to
become very successful in a whole host of other careers.
The key is to pick the career that best suits you and your
desires, before beginning your journey. You will be very
surprised how successful you will be at attaining your new
career, once you have targeted your ideal position. Smart
employers will welcome you.

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