Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dressing for Success for Mothers

There's one thing that puzzles me and I am going to write it down here. If you're a high-flying career woman, you'll dress in a suit and look the part of a corporate panther in order to give people the impression of a successful career woman. What happens is you're to give someone the impression that you're a successful mother? Mother, according to the strict definition in the dictionary, is also a career. Motherhood, if strictly defined, is a career choice. Therefore, if a mother is to be dressed for success, how should she dress herself up?

This is something I've pondered over for quite a long time and now, I am ready to answer you.

For a mother to dress for success, she would have to fulfill only one criterion. But it's something subjective - the mother would have to dress in a way that makes her feel happy and confident. The mother would have to dress in a way that makes her feel like herself. When a mother dresses and expresses herself in a way that makes herself feel most comfortable, she emits a kind of 'comfortable' and 'contented' aura and that makes her look, sound, act and behave in a very motherly way. A calm and collected demeanor.

Ask the people around you about how they think a mother should DRESS FOR SUCCESS and you'll get a puzzled look. When a mother dresses in a way that enables her to express herself and remain true to herself, then she can and will be a good mother. A mother should dress in a way that distinguishes herself as a separate entity from her children and husband. She should dress in a way that says, "Hey, I am a mother but I am still me".

While this is true for everyone in this world, regardless of whether you're a woman or a man, mother or a father, this rule is more important for a mother because her status as a mother is not as significantly recognized in the society. People tend to regard a CEO higher than they would a Mother. Have you ever seen people print as follows?

Sally Hays

Executive Mother

Family Department

No? Neither have I. Come to think of it, perhaps we should!

Therefore, take pride in being a mother and dress in a way that helps you express yourself as you. You'll, inevitably, become a better mother.

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