Friday, September 17, 2010

Graduate Unemployment in Nigeria

Hello job seekers out there. Every year and year, the Nigeria unemployment rate keeps on going higher and higher as fresh graduates passes out from their various institutions of higher learning only to be met with a long queue of their senior ones who have earlier passed out from the various universities and polytechnics and are yet still unemployed, as there are few jobs to go round the vast unemployed population in the country.

The situation has become pathetic as year after year, job seekers and applicants are left with nothing to do than to roam about the streets looking for jobs that are not available. Their case is also worsen as most of them are not employable by potential employers of labour, this may be due to their lack of core technical knowledge about their discipline or poor result.

The Nigerian government is also concerned about the ugly trend as she is already setting up machinery, legislatures and agencies to look into the situation and try to reduce the high unemployment rate. This can be seen through the national poverty eradication programme (napep) and the national directorate of employment (nde) that are both into reducing unemployment by introducing unemployed youths into self employment through the small and medium scale enterprises.

We hope that in the nearest future, hopefully by the year 2020 (vision 2020), Nigeria's high unemployment rate would have been greatly reduced. Until then, jobs seekers, keep on the struggle, that dream job you desire you definitely come your way, god willing.

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