Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Should You Pursue a Career in Photography?

I remember when I was young and the different things I thought I would do when I grew up. It was always something glamorous like a race car driver, baseball player, surfer, well anyways, you get the idea. These activities were all fun and things I enjoyed watching on television or the movies, never really thinking about the money aspect of it, just that these would be fun careers.

I also enjoyed taking photographs of everything with my camera, but of course never thought of that as a career choice or something I could make money at. That was just something fun to do, and everyone in the family enjoyed the fact that I took pictures of everything for them to enjoy.

I literally took pictures of everything, I always had my camera with me, and always bugged everyone to pose for my pictures. Of course they hated it at the time, but loved it later on when they reflected back on all the good times that were recorded in pictures forever.

Eventually, I ended up going to college for Law Enforcement, because that is what my dad did. I still took pictures of everything, and everyone knew that I took pictures of everything. It was around this time that people would ask me to take pictures at their weddings because they liked my photos so much. They would pay for the film and processing and I would give them the pictures.

After doing this for a few friends and family members, I started to charge a little extra for my time. The price was right and cheap enough that more and more people hired me to do their wedding photos for them. This made me think that this might not be a bad way to make a living, I loved doing it and everyone loved my pictures.

Funny thing happened when I told everyone I might like to become a professional photographer and make a living taking photographs. No one seemed to think it was a good idea, saying that you can't make a living as a photographer, it's too competitive, just stick to it as a part time hobby and make a few bucks and stick with Law Enforcement.

Good thing I did not listen, I have now been in the photography business with my wife Susan for 31 years, doing something I love to do (something I would have done for free) and never looked back. When your passionate about something, like I was about photography, then pursuing your dream is the only way to go.

There are all kinds of opportunities in the Photography field, and so many ways to make money with your camera, whether it is full or part time. It is also much easier now with digital Photography than it was when I started over 30 years ago. If you love Photography and have camera skills, then get involved in a fun, gratifying, way to make money. You will never regret it, and you will have a ball.

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