Friday, September 17, 2010

Students and Part Time Vacancies

Students more often than not need to take up part time vacancies or part time work to raise their own pocket money or to become more financially independent from their parents or sponsors. Some students would work during the days when they do not have classes to attend while others would prefer to work in the evenings, during the weekends or in the night.

Employers most certainly desire the best for their firms and companies. This will drive them to watch out for people with previous work experience. They will be looking for people who have not only studied, but also have proven their development in communication, problem solving, organisation, IT and even planning skills etc. Hence in addition to being paid for work and becoming financially better, the working student is building good grounds for future employment.

Being realistic about how much one can and can not do is very important. It is much better to know where you stand and understand what you are getting into than to hope that you can make it. It is the responsibility of employers to make their work place easily accessible by disabled persons. If your employer has never before employed a physically disabled person, there may be several barriers to effect employer/employee relations and this may in turn make work difficult. There is room for gradual education of both parties. It is always helpful to hope fir the best but plan for the worst. Do not leave things to chance and hope it sorts itself, because it usually doesn't happen.

There are several ways to search for part time vacancies. Some ways one can find part time vacancies include:

Create a Curriculum Vitae (CV) targeting the sectors where you are interested to find work vacancies.

Visiting the school's careers service and request helpful information.

Speak with course-mates, tutors and lecturers about part time vacancies in and around the university or college environment.

Go out and contact employers for yourself.

You may take up voluntary part time work and sometimes it makes easier for one to spot and obtain paid work vacancies.

Never forget to speak with friends, relatives and acquaintances, because they you may receive very useful information form them.

Remember that though it is beneficial to take up part time vacancies, you also need to create time for studies and school work. Make sure you do not bite more than you can chew. Do what you are able to manage effectively. You will need enough energy and time for your studies and social life.

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